About the Founder

About The Founder

Greatness doesn’t emanate from acquisition of power or amassing of wealth for self-aggrandizement. Real greatness brings from the contribution one makes for promoting the welfare of other fellow-beings. In other words greatness is the perfume of good ideas and virtuous deeds.

A peep into the life of Smt Kalyanamma, the founder of Montessori Group of Educational Institutes bears the testimony to the fact that fruits of labour are sweeter than gifts of fortune. She is the woman of great vision and humanism. Her ideas have exercised enormous influence on the mass people. She has made a definite difference in the education system by modernizing it and making it more relevant to today’s times. She is a colossus with massive stature in the field of education.

According to Smt Kalyanamma – “True enjoyment from work does not come if constantly obsessed with monetary rewards. Money is certainly needed to keep body and soul together. But nourishment of skill is much more important than keeping yourself alive.” She was a Philomath throughout her life for exploring erudition.

Smt Kalyanamma, being a Post graduate in Economics, she aspired to bring the Montessori system of education to Kurnool. Being undeterred by the risk of establishing school, she proceeded further with abundant hope and enthusiasm. She got the mastery in Montessori Method of Education by acquiring Diploma from the same. She started Montessori Home, the first school of Montessori in the year 1972 with 20 students in a rented building. The Montessori has sprouted with the motto of ‘Help the child to help Himself’. In little span of time, The Montessori flourished with leaps and bound into 7 schools with 20000 students.

Montessori is the realization of a vision – A vision to transform the educational landscape and to make quality education available for one and all. The story of Montessori is a tale written in spunk, enterprise and a compelling desire for palpable social change.

The vision that started 4 decades earlier has now become one of the most formidable success stories of our times. The Montessori school now is a perfect breeding ground for excellence and values. It’s a quench for thousands of students and parents to be the part of it.

Smt Kalyanamma has left behind a legacy of quality education which will always inspire the younger generation. She is an eternal living legend of education. The desire to bask in the glory of success is inherent in her so she is the darling of the destiny.


Why Choose Our Institution?

Montessori Indus School follows CBSE curriculum. The biggest advantage of studying in CBSE is that all major competitive examinations in India are based on the CBSE syllabus. These examinations include IIT-JEE, AIPMT and National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET).

Our core competency is to provide a curriculum tailored to the child’s needs and the integration of NCERT books with ICSE books enhances the depth in content and understanding along with the use of technology to stimulate critical thinking, improve communication skills, encourage collaborative problem solving skills and widen the horizon of students.









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